Cutoff Denim Coveralls for the Coolest Summer Ever

There’s something about wearing long sleeves with shorts in the summer that looks unexpected and very chic. And when you can get the look all-in-one piece of clothing, it makes getting dressed even easier.

The coverall has been taking the fashion world by storm in the past year or so, and now that summer is rapidly approaching, it was inevitable that a cutoff version would crop up (pun intended).

Long sleeves may be a little too toasty for steamy summer months in the midwest and east coast, but these pieces are perfect transition pieces for spring and fall. And if you’re in the Bay Area like I am, you can were them year round… in fact you’ll likely need to wear tights underneath in the summer—that’s how weird our weather is.

Oh and please note that the MM6 version detaches to make two pieces!

MM6 Bleached Destroyed Romper, $486 (30% off!)

Stella McCartney Denim Romper, $417

AMO Skip Romper, $350

The Kooples Bird Embroidered Romper, $350

RtA Charlie Romper, $335


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