Cheating On My Skinnies: Trousers 2 Ways

by taylordavies

Last week when I reviewed these Rich & Skinny Hutton trouser jeans, I was forced to admit something to myself: I was beginning an illicit affair.

I’ve been in a long-term, commited relationship with skinny jeans for some time now, and we’re really happy together. However, as anyone in the throws of a hot affair will tell you, sometimes you just need a little… spice; the spark of something new and exciting to re-ignite your passion.

It started a few days ago, and I can’t seem to walk away from these trousers. I’m falling fast and getting reckless. Yesterday morning I put them on again without even a thought about my drawer full of skinnies. I could practically feel them sighing with sadness and disappointment.

However, as I gave my sweater a little tuck into the waist, threw on my surplus jacket and ran out the door, I didn’t even feel guilty. I felt casual, cozy and delighted. I simply cannot deny that a dark, sleek pair of trouser jeans feels like the perfect antidote to my jeggings and ankle-cropped J Brands.

Want to know a secret? This is what I’m wearing today. I’m getting drinks in Soho after work so I needed a look that could do double duty. Once again, I thought of the trousers. With a silk blouse, vintage necklace and blazer, I instantly felt dressed up but still comfortable enough for a day at my desk.

Want to know another secret? I wore the same shoes both Monday and Tuesday, and they worked brilliantly. A suede bootie with a hidden 3″ wedge gives me just enough height to keep my hems off the ground but is also comfortable enough to wear all day.

Will I abandon my beloved skinny jeans forever? Of course not. As long as there are knee-high boots and ballet flats in my life, there will always be skinny jeans. My dalience with trouser jeans is an escape, and one that I can always revisit when I need to feel a little taller, a little more dressed up, or when my skinnies and I get in a terrible fight over my thighs.

[Photos by Nando Alvarez]


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