Chambray or Denim?

Lately you’ve been hearing a lot about ‘double denim‘ that look whether you love it or hate, many times it’s not actually double denim. You’ll see someone wearing a denim shirt that’s actually chambray. A fabric that’s been around for centuries, it’s lighter weight makes it more versatile for garments like dresses, button up shirts, and a few places like Cheap Monday makes a great chambray trouser. It has a nice denim look but light enough to wear on those warm weather days. Lately I’ve been collecting chambray pieces, a G-Star Raw dress that was sent to me started it. I have now a blouse (above, H&M) and most recently an jumpsuit from American Apparel. They’re all so nice to wear while giving that nod to the denim look.

Chances are if you love denim, you probably also love chambray.

Here I’ve dressed up a chambray dress with a blazer, vintage dress and lace tights… it was an unexpected twist, but perfect for a sunny, yet windy day.
I’ve always loved a good jumpsuit, and this one is so comfortable, great for sunny weekends on the town.


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