Blogger Denim Style: Dressing Up The Chambray Shirt

Today’s blogger denim style features some lovely ladies who have expertly infused an ultra-casual denim shirt into a more dressed up ensemble. This high-low mix is something I really love, and it’s an easy way to get double the wear out of both your fancier pieces as well as that trusty chambray.

I just recently found Girls off Fifth thanks to one of my “Twitter friends” Landon, and I’m already hooked. Here, one of the sisters who runs the blog is wearing a really fun, very re-create-able (that’s a word, right?) look. Graphic tee plus sequin skirt plus an unbuttoned shirt on top.

Frankie Hearts Fashion opted to pair her open shirt over a form-fitting dress, with what I would call a “shootie,” meaning a combination shoe-meets-bootie.

The best part about looks like these is that you’re more-or-less ready for anything – from errands right into cocktail hour. That’s sort of the wonderful thing about summer, isn’t it? There’s such a laid back attitude towards dressing up – and denim fits into it so nicely.

Which look do you love?

[Image credits: Girls off Fifth, Frankie Hearts Fashion]


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