The Best Easy Way to Incorporate Denim Into Your Wedding

Executing this might require that if you’re the bride you take your husband’s name, or vice versa. But you could also play with the idea in various ways using the wedding date, or various phrases like “Taken,” “Just Married,” or “Bride” and “Groom.” Even though I never changed my name, I have to admit there is something really charming about the Mr. & Mrs. text! Though I also have to say it would probably not be doable with the insanely long names my husband and I have.

But I just love this idea, especially for an outside wedding. What a cool way to keep the vibe chill and stay warm at the same time!

It’s also a really fun way to get the groom involved in the aesthetics of a wedding with something not-too-feminine that he might actually care about and wear again. Great photo opp too!!

If you’re looking to go full denim theme with your wedding, check out what artist Ian Berry and his betrothed pulled off!


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