Aunt Beru and Her Cool Denim Jacket


Last night I re-watched the original Star Wars movie, now known as Episode IV A New Hope, in preparation for viewing the new Episode VII. As I watched the scenes that took place at Luke Skywalker’s family farm, I was struck by Aunt Beru’s super cool, toggle-buttoned, bell-sleeved denim jacket. I believe it’s the only time denim makes an appearance in the film. Nope! I got very curious about the costume choice so I did some Googling. I wasn’t the only one who was curious. A Reditter had the following to say:

Did Aunt Beru just refuse to wear her costume?

Every time I watch the original movie it makes me wonder. Most people are wearing robes in that planet (except Han Solo but he’s in his iconic outfit) but then you have aunt Beru sporting a cool denim jacket and shirt with a pure 70s big pointed collar which strikes me as a bit urban casual for a farm in the desert.

I imagine her being shown her intended costume, which was probably some kind of robe like uncle Owen’s or maybe Leia’s and going “not happening” and the costume designer just caves and says ok whatever.

And this amazing person recreated the jacket, right down to copying the pattern from her collar!

If you’d like to recreate your own, here are all the details you could ever wish to know about Aunt Beru’s denim jacket.

I disagree strongly with this BuzzFeed article saying the jacket was hideous.

Many folks online made remarks similar to the Redditor above, saying that she looked like she forgot her costume. My impression was that she was one of the only (possible the only?) female characters in the film who was not a princess or a soldier, so it makes sense that she had a sort of down-home feel to her costume.

What say you? Do you have any inside knowledge of the thought behind Aunt Beru’s costume? Please share!


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