A Test: Can You Cuff Flared Jeans?



I’ve been diving so head-first into the flare/bell trend that I found myself looking for a way to switch things up. When I’m feeling that way with straight or tapered jeans, the answer is often to cuff them up once or twice. But doing so with flared jeans gave me pause, because, would they stay cuffed?

But I tested it out anyway, because I was digging the look. The answer to the questions, at least with these McGuire Gainsbourg baby boot cuts, was yes, but only with gentle wear. Once you start rigorously stomping through an airport, which I did shortly after these photos were taken, the cuffs will likely fall out. That was OK in my case since the jeans were so long that they would drag on the ground—but be aware that if your jeans are long, you could end up with dirty jeans fast.


In addition I would say the stiffer your jeans are, the longer they’ll stay cuffed. You could also sneak a safety pin inside your jeans on each side at the seams—discreet and easy enough to remove when you’re feeling the long look again.

This photo shoot (with my dad!) also marked my first try-out with the bandana trend (better late than never!), which I thoroughly enjoyed, until I got really overheated after running to my flight 🙂 Let me know if you try cuffing your bells!

More outfit deets: Freda Salvador Star boots; vintage Phillies t-shirt, similar here; blue bandana.

[Photos by Richard Philipkoski]

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