A Denim Story with Heather Hayhurst in R13

Meeting with Heather Hayhurst of The News to talk denim couldn’t have been lovelier. It consisted of a stop by my favorite coffee shop and surfer chic back yard like deck lounge at Saturday’s Surf followed with pics by Jennine to display Heather’s personal denim style.

I admired her natural ease of day time chic mixed with comfort. It’s an important thing when running around a city like New York… Which is why, on any given day, you’ll most likely see girls like us rocking our true blues. Here’s why Heather loves her R13’s so much:

R13 jeans are comfortable and have the power to transform my mood as soon as I slip them on.  It can be another drizzling damp day in New York City but wearing R13 jeans gives one an extra dash of confidence and desirability.  The jeans have a low square fit with skinny legs that work for my body frame.  They’re rugged but thin with just enough stretch to feel like second skin and have a very convincing vintage look.

On a whim I might wear a sundress or skirt, but I’m definitely a natural denim girl.  Whether it’s a workday or the weekend, I gravitate towards the shelves built into my closet that are overflowing with different denim options.  R13 jeans pair perfectly with old tees or dressier tops making them the ideal choice for going from day into night.  And comfort is key as I’m strolling through Prospect Park, meeting with editors and stylists, or checking out a band later at night.  R13 denim feels right in any moment.”

~ Heather

Do you have this connection with your denim too?

Clothing credits: Skinny jeans, R13. Top, Clu. Leather biker jacket, R13. Necklace, Etten Eller. Booties, Rachel Comey.


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  1. May 13, 2011 / 1:47 pm

    She looks so comfy, I’m absolutely digging her style. In NYC comfort is key! The streets are kind of bizarre and she manages an effortless chic look. #score

    It’s cool she feels a connection to her denim. I always say I get vibes from my clothing haha. I appreciate a great fitting pair of jeans… I thought everyone did? 😉

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