A Denim Bistro in South Jersey Is the Restaurant of Our Dreams

We’ve witnessed a denim-themed wedding, why not a restaurant? Some restauranteurs in South Jersey had the same thought, so they created a dining experience for the jeans lover. 

With blue walls, denim napkins, blue fabric flowers and blue curtains, there’s no mistaking that this is a restaurant that deserves the name Denim American Bistro. The servers go full double denim, wearing jeans and denim aprons. 

The restaurant just opened last week, and despite it’s all-American aesthetic, you won’t find burgers and fries. The menu is a bit more creative, featuring filet mignon skewers, charcoal octopus, Amish chicken breast and much more, including vegan and gluten free options. 

Did you catch that photo of Britney and Justin on the wall?
And speaking of that denim wedding? Much of the art on the walls of the restaurant is by Ian Berry, who happens to have been the groom. I love it when denim stories come full circle.


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