8 Red, White and Blue Outfit Ideas That Look Great All Year Round

Everyone wants to break out the red, white and blue for Independence Day. But no one wants to spend money on a garish garment that won’t see the light of day again until next year.

Luckily, plenty of options will look great whether it’s July or January (weather appropriateness notwithstanding). Take a gander at these options that will help you wave your patriotic flag on the Fourth, but will stay in your closet’s steady rotation throughout the year.

Solid & Striped Louise Swimsuit, $118

Tretorn Rawlins III Joggers, $75

Marc Jacobs Snapshot Wallet on a Chain, $265

Iphoria Stripes & Pearls iPhone X Case, $55

Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpack, $70

Frank & Eileen Eileen Button Down Shirt, $225

LNA Iles Tee, $97 (also comes in blue!)

Paloma Blue Fiesta Dress, $396






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