White Denim Round-Up for Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day Weekend America – hope everyone is having a lovely long weekend in celebration of the red, white and blue. I know I am… AND one thing that I like to do on Memorial Day weekend is break out my assortment of white denim. I know it’s no longer a faux pas to wear white before Memorial day, but I have yet to break out my white denim this year, so I guess you could say traditions are dying hard with me.

Here are 3 white denim pieces for Memorial Day:

White Denim Jeans: Saskia, pictured above, wore her white skinny jeans to the office the other day and we loved her look so much that we couldn’t pass up the photo opp (by Jennine). Wearing a pair of white denim whether it be a skinny, straight leg, boot cut, flare or wide leg really gives your look that official summer time crispness.

White Denim Jacket: I know you must be saying something like, “Enough all ready with the denim jacket…” However, we haven’t exactly covered the white denim jacket yet, so bear with me one last time. It’s the perfect additive to throw on for a drink underneath a beach sunset or dinner out. I really love the way CoffeeBlooms put her look together: white on white, with more denim.

White Denim Shorts: I’m a short fanatic in the summer time and white denim shorts are probably my favorite! I really liked this new pair of Siwy white denim shorts, but really any white denim works!

What is your favorite kind of white denim to wear?



  1. Gigi
    May 30, 2011 / 4:38 pm

    *bear* with me 😉

  2. Amy G
    June 20, 2011 / 10:32 am

    The best white denim jeans I have seen this season are Henry and Belle at National Jean company. I put them on in the morning wear them through the day switch shirts and good to go until dawn. The jeans keeps their shape without stretching out even during one of my 18 hour days. Check them out

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