Denim Trends From 2012: Which Was Your Favorite?

It’s officially December, and 2012 is fast drawing to a close. A lot happened this year, and I can safely say I’ve never worn as much denim as I have this year. I’ve tried new trends, new cuts, new fabrics and lest we forget – short overalls.

Sometimes I feel like trends over the last year or two can blend together, making it hard to discern which ones really emerged in 2012 and took dominance. To me, 2012 was all about taking rising trends from the past couple of years and turning them up. Way up. Bold colors went more bold (neon everything), distressed denim went over-the-top, prints got wild, and we dabbled in wearing one color from head-to-toe.

Did you have a favorite trend of 2012?

What Was Your Favorite Denim Trend of 2012?

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