Denim on New York’s Freezing Streets


Growing up in California, believe it or not I used to dream of living in freezing cold weather. Not knowing of course what that actually felt like, I did love the idea of the coats, hats, boots, chunky sweaters, gloves, and scarves. Yess, all those things! When I moved to New York of course the reality set in. It always looks nice in the movies, but the reality of dressing for cold weather presented a challenge. How to look nice when you’re bundled in puffy coats and five layers of winter clothes?

Today WWD posted a roundup of what people are actually wearing on the streets this winter. Just in case you were wondering if ankle boots were still a thing, or that if skinny jeans had really gone out of style, the answer to that is yes and no. Ankle boots are still hot, even in winter. And skinny jeans still reign true at least for the remainder of 2014. What’s *new* well, new-ish, is the prevalence of oversized coats. This could be the Isabel Marant effect, with her famous oversized winter coats, but this trend also presents an opportunity to layer like no one’s business. So bundle up, it’s cold out!

taw-winter-ke08  taw-winter-ke02 taw-winter-ja04 taw-winter-ja01 taw-winter-gc07


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