9 Zara Denim Steals That Won’t Last Long

ZW Premium Skinny Colors Jeans, $16

Zara’s styling is so good that it’s really hard to resist anything on their darn website. And when it comes to denim—especially denim that’s marked down this much—it’s pretty much game over. Give me all the denim. The only thing that will hold you back is that sizes are running out fast. Better get going!

Drawstring Jeans, $16

Denim Kimono, $30 (technically men’s but I would totally wear!)

Pink Ripped Mom Jeans, $18

Red Mom-Fit Jeans, $18

V-Neck Denim Jacket, $30

Black Skinny Capri Jeans, $16

Ruffled Denim Shirt, $18

Denim Skipper Cap, $16




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