8 Pairs of not-too-Short Denim Shorts

The weather is getting warmer, and we’re firmly in the midst of music festival season, and that means lots of cut-off denim shorts. The type that more resemble a bathing suit that shorts seem to be quite popular at the moment, but for various reasons I prefer cutoff shorts that at the very least cover one’s derriere—preferably they also cover a good portion of the leg. I swear I’m not a prude. I suppose it’s just that super short shorts look so… uncomfortable!

So just in case you’re like me, here are eight very cute, not-too-short denim shorts to choose from. Happy shopping!


shorts collage 2

Siwy Avery boy shorts, $240

M.i.h. Jeanne shorts, $190

House of Holland patch denim shorts, $171

Madeworn Rock Rolling Stones Shorts, $190

shorts collage

EDIT denim shorts, $225

Mother vagabond cutoff shorts, $165

SJVP denim embroidery shorts, $160

MM6 stonewashed shorts, $345



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