It’s About Shape: Levi’s Curve ID Fitting

“It’s about shape, not size” is the Levi’s Curve ID tagline, and while it may sound like a truism for denim fitting, in the real world, many women struggle to find the right size jeans because fits vary from brand to brand. In the past, I took fit for granted. Chalking denim fit up to finding the right rise, the best amount of stretch, and looking at brands themselves as they tend to use a fit model for their collections. This method of finding the perfect fit of jeans requires a lot of trial and error, and a shop that has a gazillion denim brands to choose from.

However, the Curve ID project, a result in measuring thousands of women and dividing them in to three basic categories of curve: Slight, Demi and Bold. Pretty self explanatory, however, it’s amazing how a person could be so off about their body shape. In my head, I think I have no hips and no waist therefore probably a “Slight” but that turned out not to be the case.

This week, I went in for a custom fitting, which you can make an appointment to do a Curve ID fitting online. I really didn’t know what to expect. Jovan at the Soho Levi’s store was there to meet me… and measure the hip/waist ratio with these odd looking tape measures:

It turned out that according to the measurements, I was between a “Slight” and a “Demi” so my head was half right. We went to go and try on a bunch of different styles, as you know, I love all kinds of denim…and am faithful to no particular cut.

I’m putting in another picture of Jovan, because he was so nice! If you pass by this store, you should talk to him about jeans!

So after pulling a bunch of jeans, it was where I really saw what the difference with the Curve ID really existed. I normally just buy 27’s and that’s that. But trying on the “Slight” cuts it was apparent that they caused a lot more muffin top, even if the 27 was visibly too big. The “Demi” worked the best for my shape and I even went down to a size 26.

It was there I fell in love a pair of skinny jeans with the standard indigo wash. I just loved the clean crisp look of them and the contrast of the stitching that’s classic Levi’s.

Thoughts about the Curve ID

There is always a pair of Levi’s in my wardrobe, but admittedly over the years have become a premium denim junkie. I still have memories of wearing non-premium denim stretching out, sagging, and not fitting as well. At the price price point of around $70,unless you go in now, many Curve ID jeans are on sale at $35… my expectations weren’t so high. However after wearing them twice, I will tell you that they do not sag, especially in the bum. They’ve stretched , so in the store the 26 fit like a tight glove, today, they’re comfortable.

I will say that the quality of the denim is good, however, it’s not premium level. I do notice the difference with the ‘hand’ (denim jargon for how it feels) is not as soft, the inside of the denim is rougher against my skin, but it’s not bad… just different. If you wear mostly premium denim you will notice the difference. However, they are good jeans, and certainly a fantastic value for your money. They feel so sturdy and fit fantastically.

If it was warmer outside, I’d have a better pic…but it’s super freezing… so pardon the coats!

Outfit photo by Monica Shulman



  1. January 15, 2011 / 5:18 pm

    Holy moly I LOVE the new layout!! It looks fantastic and so very very chic! Great job Jennine!

  2. Denise
    February 6, 2011 / 11:08 am

    Hi Jennine, I’m catching up on all your articles. I thought the Curve ID concept was a good one. I measured myself according to the on-line video and came out needing a Slight Curve size 27. I am rigorously honest when I measure myself so I know I didn’t cheat. I ordered a pair and they turned out to be ill-fitting from the back (although they looked great from the front). The pocket placement on these is wide, which widened my rear.

    A few weeks later I was in Reno where they have a Levi’s store and I tried on the same Skinny Boot Cut jeans in a Demi Curve and voila, great fit! My boyfriend thought they flattened my bum a bit but I think they look good — it could have been the lighting in the store. I posted some pictures on another fashion blog and forum and people gave them a thumbs up (whereas the Slight Curve was a thumbs down). Here’s a link:

  3. September 13, 2012 / 6:40 am

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