Everlane Is Launching Sustainable Jeans for Just $68

It’s hard to believe that after seven years of specializing in perfecting wardrobe basics that Everyone has yet to make jeans. But founder, Michael Preysman tells Vogue that denim is particularly challenging to get just right because women are so incredibly picky when it comes to jeans:

It’s all about the fit, the fabrics, the right factory. Everything matters and it’s such a specific product that women care so much about, so it took us a bit to get this launched.

But after finding the right combination of all of the above, Everlane is finally ready. And the bonus is that Saitex, the factory in Vietnam that will make the jeans, has “almost zero impact on the environment,” Preysman says. Fast Company reports that “denim byproduct is turned into bricks and contaminated water is filtered.”

The 11 ounce jeans will have 2 percent stretch and will launch on September 7. He says the design is rooted in American workwear, and will stay true to the brands identity and stay pretty minimal. Designs will be available for both men and women. Don’t expect lots of rips or reconstruction, but Everlane will keep things interesting with on-trend silhouettes and washes.

[Photos via Fast Company via Everlane]

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