Denim Review: Rich & Skinny Hutton Trouser

Okay, so I know this isn’t the most glamorous way to start a denim review post, but remember when that crazy thing called a Pajama Jean went totally viral a while ago? I laughed, I cried, I cringed for humanity. Surely, as a society, we have not come to a place where we simply cannot bear to have seperate pants for wearing in public, and wearing to the gym? No, of course we haven’t. However, if there were to be a pair of jeans that I would be just as comfortable wearing on a first date as on the couch, it would be these Rich & Skinny Hutton trousers.

These trouser-style jeans are incredibly soft, and with 3 percent spandex, have just the right hint of stretch (they’re also ultra-thin). On my 5’6″ frame they’re quite long, so I opted to dress them up a bit with wedges. (With these on I hit about 5’11”!) I’ll say as a general rule that trouser and flare jeans should only be worn with a heel (unless you’re crazy tall). The bell shape of the leg opening has the ability to make you look incredible long and lean, or incredibly squat. I’d choose the former any day of the week.

Also, because these trousers are mid-rise and have a waistband that overlaps and double-buttons, I’d stick to tucking in your top (you don’t want weird bumps under your shirt, do you?). Oh, and it helps with the long-and-lean thing, too! The best part of a jean like this is that you can look instantly polished and professional but still be incredibly comfortable.  For weekend-wear, keep the wedges and tuck in a cozy t-shirt and layer on a thick cardigan and scarf.



  1. October 22, 2011 / 6:44 am

    Agreed on the necessity of heel wearing with this style, I cry for jeans I see with those dirty, frayed ends with an inch hanging at the end because their careless wearer thought it would be cute to wear them with flats. Plus the baggy layers at the end give you elephant legs! I like the thought of a thin, soft denim, but alas we are hitting winter here now so it’s too chilly… love them for summer though!


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