Denim Review: Revice Paris Bells in Black


Style: Paris Bells

Color: Black

Price: $78

When I discovered Revice, I thought they had to be too good to be true. Made in the U.S., seventies vintage-inspired styles, AND they cost less than $100? What? How? Maybe the quality would be below par or not the fit would be terrible.

But I am happy to report that I’ve found zero things to complain about. I’ve tried two Revice styles now, the Paris Bells and the Boogie Bells, which cost $78 and $88, respectively—unheard of for this level of style and quality. They also were delivered promptly and in really cute packaging.



Before we go any further: SIZE UP. After sending them my measurements, Revice recommended size 29 for me, even though I usually take 28 in other brands, and they were right. The 29 fits perfectly snug, and I’m OK with that. In these days of feel-good sizing, we could all use a little reality check once in a while if only as a reminder that your size is just a number.

The Paris Bells are Revice’s “Dream Fit,” which the company tells me they worked on very hard to “recreate that high-waisted vintage-style denim that hugs your curves and gives women that perfected wedgie.” It’s a good wedgie and not at all painful.

And because they hug my waist, these jeans don’t slide down over time, so I don’t find myself yanking them up all day like nearly every other pair of jeans I own. I have substantial hips and thighs, and the Paris Bells accommodate them WITHOUT A GAP AT THE WAIST, which is pretty much unheard of in my life. As I mentioned, they are extremely long, but it’s easy to cut them off.



The jeans are jet black with no whiskering or distressing, which gives them a bit of a dressed-up look. The denim is sturdy but not stiff. The hem is cut and left raw, which makes them easy to shorten—I simply cut mine to fit. The buttons are visible at the fly, which I quite like. The super-high rise (I’m guessing 10 inches, waiting to hear back to confirm) makes these the only jeans I own (well, they were until I also got Revice’s Boogie Bells) that actually hit and hug my true waist.


They are not jammies comfortable, but they are comfortable jeans. The fabric contains 2 percent elastane, which is just enough and not too much so that they get over-stretched. The denim is substantial, which makes me feel secure and sucked in, but I can still sit down, drive, etc. easily.


Two very minor ones: the length, if you’re not up for cutting them, could be an issue. But honestly if you have a pair of sharp scissors (this is important) and you learned to cut in kindergarten, you can cut your jeans. The other is that they collect more than their fair share of lint, so keep a lint roller handy if you have pets or lots of fur in your home like I do!

[Photos by Sofala Knapton]

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