Denim Review: R13 X Over Camo Jeans

R13_CamoCrossover1There are expensive jeans, and there are expensive jeans. Even though I truly believe in wearing high quality denim, as cheap jeans tend to lose their shape and don’t fit as well, there is a limit to what I will go for. Once I tried on a pair of $900 Balmain jeans, and the denim was rough, the fit was lackluster and the cut wasn’t anything to write home (or on ESD) about.  R13 is one of those brands where it requires a denim connoisseur to appreciate the splurge, since the brand produces their line in Italy with Italian, Japanese and Turkish denims. However, it doesn’t take a connoisseur to see the beauty of these jeans. When I ordered the R13 X Over Camo Pant, the crossover cut was the main thing that caught my eye, that and the camouflage print made these jeans a must try. I didn’t know much about the Italian brand with an anonymous designer, except that it was a relatively new label starting in 2009.

The Denim

Upon opening the box, I could tell that these jeans are special. They are soft to the touch. The fit is like a pair of trousers, but since they’re a medium weight denim they are quite substantial. I’m still figuring out my size getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight, my old 27s still give me muffin top, so I ordered a size up in 28. They fit almost too big on me, so I’m going to try a smaller size, however I still found them to be wearable and very comfortable. It’s just that they will stretch with the 98% cotton/2% elastane composition, and if I do end up getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight, they will be way too big. That said, the texture of the denim is amazing, much to the likes of brands like Current/Elliott, but with a more unique design. The R13 cross overs are certainly a special jean.

R13_CamoCrossover4 R13_CamoCrossover3 R13_CamoCrossover2

How to Wear The R13 Crossovers

For those of you tired of skinny jeans, but aren’t into the boyfriend or boot cuts, these jeans will be perfect for you. The crossover cut can be worn pretty much like any trouser, but since they’re denim they have a bit of edge to them. I pretty much think you can pop on a structured blazer with a pair of sharp pumps over almost any tee-shirt and jeans, and you got yourself an outfit that’s put together. Not bad, if say, you’re wearing sandals in the day and need a day-to-night look.

Wearing: Jeans: R13 X Over Camo Pant • Tee-Shirt: J.Crew • Blazer: Juicy Couture (gift) • Necklace: Juliete & Co.  Pumps: Yves Saint Laurent • Clutch: Gigi New York (gift) • Sunglasses: Prada • Bracelets: Gorjana, Chan Luu


  1. September 2, 2013 / 8:58 pm

    I love denim, and that fit is divine, but $425 feels like too much for jeans. Consider the Chimalas from Madewell — this ESD will review them in the future? That’s the same pricepoint as the R13… Perhaps I’ll pull the trigger on either at some point.

  2. Jennine
    September 3, 2013 / 12:36 pm

    It is a lot for jeans… it just depends on what’ you’re looking for in your wardrobe, the R13s are definitely a connoisseur jean. Things like the fit and the quality factor in, but also the uniqueness. The Madewell Chimalas, I would have to take a closer look!

  3. September 4, 2013 / 5:43 am

    R13 is definately commando jeans, I like it, It looks awesome.

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