Denim Review: LACAUSA ‘Denim’ Overalls

LACAUSA sent me a pair of their ‘denim’ L.A. overalls last week, and while receiving a denim gift is always fun, this was extra exciting because I’ve been eager to try a pair of denim overalls but honestly a bit scared to pull the trigger. Stunning overall looks are crowding the street style blogs, but I was worried I couldn’t pull them off without looking like a child. So LACAUSA encouraged me to go for it! And I’m happy they did.


The Material

First off, the material is not denim. It’s a super Tencel twill (100%) dyed to mimic denim. I don’t own a single piece of clothing (second to a pair of silk pants) that come even close to the comfort of these bad boys. It’s like wearing liquid. So when this fabric met this overall style — magic ensued. I’ll be wearing these a lot during the spring and summer, and actually pretty often in fall when layered with the right shirt and jacket. They’re definitely not as durable as denim, but these are classy overalls, I don’t plan on digging up any gardens or tending to the farm in them so I’m good.


The Fit

I’m nearly 5’9 and normally a size 29 or 30 in jeans, but with overalls can be larger because of the way they fit. So to be safe I went with a Large. The thinking was it’s better to have them fit a little big than too small. And they are overalls anyways so the bigger the better. And I was right. Large is the perfect fit. They are just long enough, and very comfortable. The straps were a bit long but I fixed that quick like I did in grade cool (with a knot above each button). Yes, these have buttons instead of hooks which is a bonus. Less hardware, making them super light. Available sizes are XS, Small, Medium and Large and retail price is $152.


The color

I’m in love with the faded blue pigment. I can be discouraged to go with lighter denim in the fear of staining them, but so far one day in and no stains. Not yet.  But the color seems to pair well with a lot. I went with a casual white v neck and dressed things up with a pair of stripy Zara sandals, Current/Elliott Jacket and 3.1 Phillip Lim Ryder Satchel.


The Hem

The leg is pretty wide, and I loved the way the designer styled them in their look book I basically copied that. In reference to yesteryear, I pegged the bottoms creating more of a balloon hem. But the normal bottoms are fine as is I just wanted to show off my shoes, if I wore unpegged they would be covered. P.S. LACAUSA designed an Amelia Jumpsuit for Spring 2014 next on my list!!



  1. October 16, 2013 / 10:08 pm

    uh. so cute. again, you guys make me want everything. and i spy your phillip lim!! how do you like the size?? don’t you love the bag?

  2. October 18, 2013 / 5:30 pm

    I love it Grechen!! I just stare at it sometimes I’m so happy with it. I see you with yours lately too 😉 I’m glad I got the size. It’s big enough to hold everything, most of the time. Sometimes i wish it was a tad bigger but I’m happy I went with small.

  3. Ying
    November 14, 2013 / 2:11 pm

    I’m thinking about getting the Ryder bag, just wondering if the small is too small…. is it big enough to fit like a cardi or scarf with other bits and pieces?
    I’m 5″2 and worried the large might be slightly big for me but also worried the small might be too small!! decisions decision!!
    Also what do you think about the quality of the bag and the leather??

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