Denim Review: James Jeans Twiggy in Coated Cinnemon

I have two bits of really good news for you: The first is that I found a pair of coated denim that looks like leather, and the second is that these jeans are 30 percent off right now.

The kind people over at James Jeans sent me the ‘Twiggy’ coated skinny in a cool burnt-orange-almost-cognac color to try out. I was curious about how they’d feel and fit since I’m already a fan of the regular stretch denim Twiggy (last seen here).

 The Denim:

In my experience, coated denim can be tricky. I’ve had some pairs that were way too stretchy, and some that didn’t give that leather look you want with treated denim. Especially because these jeans are more of a brown than a black, the coating is easy to see. Like the non-coated Twiggy, these jeans are 98 percent cotton and 2 percent Lycra. But because of the coating, the denim doesn’t stretch too much – which is what you want with a coated pant.

The Fit:

These jeans fit true to size, with a mid-rise and just about ankle-length inseam (29 inches). My only irk with these jeans is that the seaming on the inside of the waistband is a little bit harsh on my skin – so if they’re a little tight, you’re going to feel it.


When I first put this outfit on, Amanda commented that it was maybe too “primary colors,” meaning a variation on red, blue and yellow. However, I think the navy, burnt orange and cream create a nice contrast all together. This outfit is perfect for work and weekend wear, but I can also see these jeans working really well with a wedge bootie and black top for nights out.

*Denim was a gift of the brand.

[Photos by Amanda Boyce]



  1. November 30, 2012 / 12:26 pm

    So… I love your jeans but can’t take my eyes off the boots! They are perfect.

  2. taylordavies
    November 30, 2012 / 1:58 pm

    @Grace – thanks girl! They are Dolce Vita and they’ve changed my life!

  3. December 4, 2012 / 11:09 pm

    Same comment as Grace. I love you in those boots!!

  4. January 27, 2013 / 9:23 pm

    So I just discovered your blog and feel like I might be obsessed. Question for you! (And I really hope you answer! 🙂 ) I love the Twiggy jean and have a few pairs. How does the DL 1961 Angel stack up? Similar sizing and fit? I hope you can help me out, I was planning on buying online! Thanks!

  5. taylordavies
    January 30, 2013 / 9:32 am

    Hi Emily, So the DL1961 Angel is WAY different than the Twiggy – glad you asked! As you know, the Twiggy is like a denim legging. The Angel is a jean, with less stretch, a stiffer denim and a much more defined crop. They don’t taper as much at the ankle. unless you’ve got one that’s not a crop then I’m not sure! So yeah, less stretch, strong denim, harder to break in. Hope that helps!

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