Colored Denim: On the In or Out?

by shopbop

Pictured:Blank NYC – Helmut Lang – Rag & Bone Jean – Rich & Skinny

The colored denim trend has continued to be a part of spring summer trends for the last couple of seasons now, but do we continue to embrace it or is it just now finally being embraced? It’s like anything – some trends take a longer time to resonate with the target consumer. Which may be why denim brands continue to reintroduce it – for the niche customer who has already become loyal and for the on the fence customer who may latch on as well. It’s really all about becoming familiarized with a look or a certain style, unless you’re one who prides themselves on being ahead of the fashion curve.

I see people play it safe with a red-ish or burgundy color, but then there’s all the pastel and bubble gum colored denim that J Brand does so well (pictured above). However, these colors can be a bit riskier to wear. Sometimes, a lighter color is not all that flattering especially if it’s a skinny jean….

So, I pose these questions to you: Colored denim, on the in or out? Will you be wearing colored denim this season or are you tired of the trend and prefer classic washes? Red has been hott, but I personally would go for a pinkish or orangy tone like the Cheap Monday’s I found at The News. If you’re up for the colored denim wave, what colors will you wear this season? Will you take the plunge with pastels or stick to a safer tried-and-true red color?


  • meghan @ out of order

    I like colored pants, though red is so overdone. I’m hunting for a medium blue or a dark purple pair <3

  • Jennine

    i have a pair of green ones! love them so much!

  • a stylized hysteria

    I love bright colored pants, but I’m less in love with bright denim. It just feels so 80s. But a pair of wide-leg, bright blue pants? Sounds awesome!

  • Jamillah

    I would love an orange pair, but I feel like this will be a tricky task. GREEN! That is a fantastic idea!

  • hypnotic

    I remember colored Levi’s being a big trend when I was in HS, therefore I don’t think this works for the average woman especially older than 30. I would do royal blue. Anything pastel should be left to tweens and I agree with the commenter who said red is overdone.

  • lazypadawan

    I just got back from a week in Spain and every Zara store had colored denim in red, cobalt blue, orange, yellow, green, etc.. One staffer wore red moto skinnies with a neutral jacket and it looked classy. There was a red pair of jeans I got from Newport News a couple of years ago that I really liked but I gave them away after losing a lot of weight.

  • Fashion Limbo

    I love denim, and I currently own pairs of blue denim, black and grey. Getting a pair in red is very tempting, and I recently saw SJP wearing a pair and I tend to lose all reason when I see that style icon wearing everything 😉
    Not sure about the pale pinks, and even neons I’ve been seeing lately 😉

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  • jessconatser

    I agree, red is very tempting…. It really is overdone though. However, I did try out Rag & Bone’s coral pinkish ankle skinnies and love them! Not as scary as you think, but I’m still on the fence when it comes to neon colored denim… Seems maybe a bit much, but if done the right way, I’m sure it could look cool (I have yet to witness). Thanks for the comment! Let us know if you end up trying out a pair – wold love to see! xx

  • jessconatser

    Your trip sounds like it was amazing! Thanks for sharing your trend sightings with all of us. It’s so cool to travel and see how other people wear a trend or to observe and be inspired by something new. I’ve always loved a good pair of cobalt blue denim and might have to find a pair. Let us know if you end up finding a new pair of colored denim that you love too!

  • jessconatser

    Good choice with a royal blue color! I think that it’s a fun way to divert yourself from the normal, everyday pair of blue jeans and to have a bit of fun with dressing especially this time of year. Thank you for sharing and let us know if you end up going with the royal blue!

  • Rachel

    I picked up a kelly green pair of ankle-length skinny jeans this weekend @ Zara for 25 euro — wore them on Monday and got a TON of complements, such a great color for the summer!

  • jessconatser

    I love the sound of that! You should share a pic on our ESD wall – would love to see!

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  • Apryl Roehrich

    I envy your work , thankyou for all the useful blog posts.

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