You Won’t Believe This Art Was Made Only With Denim


Last year we told you about the chic, denim themed wedding of Ian Berry and his bride Asa. It wasn’t just a novelty—Berry is an artist whose medium is denim.

Now, he has an exhibition of artwork created only with denim presented by Catto Gallery at Gallery Different, 14 Percy Street in London.  The exhibit goes until November 30, so if you’re in the area, don’t miss it!

Berry uses only “as is” denim—he never bleaches or dyes the fabric to suit his needs, but uses scraps from naturally weathered vintage pieces.  From a distance, you would never guess his pieces are made only from denim. Take, for example, the work above, and this earlier work depicting Blondie:


See more of his incredible work at his website, read our Q&A for more insight into how he creates his art, and learn more about the London exhibit in the video below:

Ian Berry ‘Behind closed doors’ Promo 2016 from Catto Gallery TV on Vimeo.


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