Where You Can Still Buy the Levi’s x Air Jordan 4 Denim Sneakers

Customers lined up around the block days in advance in cities across the country to buy Air Jordan 4 x Levi’s kicks, which went on sale at just 69 stores on January 17. Many camped out because they wanted to wear their shoes, but probably more wanted to resell them online.

When you consider they’re currently selling for a price four and five times the retail price of $225, that was a not a bad decision. Resellers are listing the shoes for around $800, and $1,000 or more for a package including a reversible Air Jordan x Levi’s trucker jacket released at the same time as the shoes.

The markup shouldn’t be a surprise considering the hype surrounding the release:

Reseller prices seem to be holding steady between $700 and $900. If you’re looking to drop that amount, check out Kixify, eBay and Stadium Goods.










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