These Jeans Are Supposed to Take Off 11 Pounds, But Do They?

Four ABC News employees tried out the -5kg jeans by Korean brand Chuu, which promise to make you look 11 pounds (5kg) thinner. Obviously the headline had me intrigued. Chuu jeans come in 90 (!) styles and range from $25 to $62.

An ABC News reporter discovered the jeans on Aimee Song’s SongOfStyle Instagram feed where she touted the pants, but come on. She doesn’t need to look 1 pound thinner let alone 11.

Three out of the four ABC women who tried out the jeans loved them. And their jeans style expert also loved them, even on the woman who wasn’t into them. But I have to respectfully disagree with the expert.

Everyone knows by now I love a high-rise jean. But I am not feeling this style. The jeans look way to stretchy and I don’t like jeans that have a leggings look or feel. The wash is too light. And the back pockets are too small—in my opinion larger pockets make your butt look better, unless you have a small or flat butt and you want it to look bigger which didn’t seem to be the case with any of these women.

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The women all looked fine in the jeans, but I don’t think they look 11 pounds thinner and I don’t think they look better than they did in their favorite jeans, which they wore for comparison. But the -5kg jeans do come in 90 styles so one of them is bound to appeal to me. Ooh, this one, for example! High waist, wide legs, of course. I’m so predictable.

What do you think?


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