Target Brand Recalls 30,000 Cat & Jack Jeans

A style of Cat & Jack kids’ jeans sold exclusively at Target has been recalled after reports that the star-shaped embellishments have cause lacerations.

If you bought one of nearly 30,000 pairs of “Star Studded Skinny Jeans” for girls sold from September through November you can take them back to Target for a full refund for the $18 jeans.

Check the tag for “super skinny” on the label, and/or the numbers 205-03-1377 or 205-03-1392 on the tag.

The company received just six reports of the stars falling off and five reports of lacerations, but apparently that was enough for the brand to play it safe and issue a recall.

I guess I’m lucky that my 5-year-old refuses to wear jeans, because we’ve bought quite a few Cat & Jack items at Target!


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