Sofia Vergara Fuels the Low-Rise Jeans Fire With Instagram Post

low rise jeans
Last month there was a bit of a hubbub about low-rise jeans finding their way back in to our collective fashion conscious, as we’d learned nothing at all from the denim offenses of the early aughts.

Well, Sofia Vergara is here to fuel the flames of that fear with this Instagram post:

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Date night❤️❤️ #fashionselfi 👁

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Some commenters weren’t feeling it. One said, “Oh no, not like that. You have a lot of class and that’s how you look like they say “muy grilla.” I don’t know what that means but I can’t imagine it’s good.

Granted, she looks amazing in pretty much everything—how could she not? One commenter supported that idea by saying: “Even mom jeans look good of her 😣”

I don’t know if these are so much mom jeans. They do have an elastic waist, which is mom-ish, but I also imagine mom jeans to be high waisted.

In any case, I remain worried for all of us.


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