Premium Denim From a Tiny Town in Wales

Welch denim brand Huit (pronounced hue-it) currently makes just 120 pairs of jeans a week in Cardigan, Wales, and has only 15 employees. But the brand’s cult (and growing) following around the world, in particular in the United States, is helping them grow quickly. Customers  pay up to $300 for a single pair and they’re not complaining.

Hiut is a denim geek’s dream come true for several reasons:

First, the brand celebrates denim history. For 40 years, Cardigan was home to a factory that produced denim products for Marks & Spencer. But in 2002, the company moved manufacturing to Morocco and the factory shuttered, costing 400 denim experts their jobs.

So when Welsh founder and owner David Hieatt decided to launch Huit (a combination of his last name and “utility”) he chose Cardigan both for its history, and for its proximity to denim craftspeople who needed work.

Now, the brand boasts some of the world’s most experienced denim-makers as employees.

Huit carries four styles of jeans for men and four styles for women, and prices are between approximately $200 and $300.

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