One Guy Launched Levi’s Vintage Business With 50,000 Pieces of Denim

Jeff Fuller, a tech worker in the ’80s, became so obsessed with vintage Levi’s that he amassed more than 50,000 pairs of jeans, andTrucker jackets. For decades, the jeans sat in storage—temperature-regulated and moisture controlled stored.

Fuller recently sold the entire collection back to Levi’s, single-handedly launching a vintage business for the denim brand.

Until now, vintage Levi’s were the territory of small vintage boutiques or brands like RE/DONE that rework old Levi’s. Now, customers can find this impeccable vintage at the Levi’s SOHO and Williamsburg stores as well as San Francisco’s Market street store and Japan.

Fuller ran a vintage store in Santa Monica for a time (it shuttered in the mid-90s) and collected all of the made-in-America Levi’s from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s that he could get his hands on.

Then in August 2016 at the MAGIC tradeshow in Las Vegas, Fuller approached Dan Dahl, a VP at Levi’s, wanting to talk to the “right people,” Fashionista reports. One thing led to another, and now Levi’s own’s its own inventory of 50,000 pairs of vintage Levi’s.

They’re calling the collection Authorized Vintage, and the pieces will be available for custom tailoring Levi’s Tailor Shops around the world. The jeans cost around $198 each.

[Photos via Levi’s]


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