Of a Kind Discusses all Things Denim

Of a Kind podcast denimI’ve been a big fan of Of a Kind for quite a while. It’s where I learn about (and shop) all sorts of new makers and brands. So I was excited when I discovered that one of their recent podcasts was on a subject near and dear to my heart—drumroll—DENIM.

The podcast was also their first roundtable discussion, for which they gathered two denim experts: Veronique Hyland, a fashion writer at The Cut and Tiffany Yanetta, style director at Racked.


The Of a Kind host’s first question was one that I often asked: is EVERYTHING trending right now?

The answer was yes, kind of, everything except skinny jeans. We’re still wearing skinny jeans, but they’ve become more of a classic silhouette that’s currently on the back burner.

The current and hopefully everlasting trend is COMFORT. It all started a few seasons ago at fashion week when everyone was wearing sneakers with everything, and if they wore jeans they hung loose—which can look really chic, but not when you’re wearing jeans with stretch. That just looks kind of saggy. Hence, the return of no-stretch jeans (which I discuss further here, here and here).

Other trend points: dark is out, ’90s styles are way in, high waists are in but uncomfortable while sitting down, Levi’s makes the best jean jacket, and fray is in but probably heading out. To hear the entire conversation click here!



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