Never Too Much Basic


New denim brand Never Too Much Basic—which is not basic at all—has grabbed the attention of the elite fashion world following its collaboration with Christophe Decarnin’s Faith Connexion. You may recognize the designer’s name from his previous affiliation with Balmain.

After departing the French fashion house in 2011, Decarnin went on to revive Faith Connexion, a brand comprised of edgy, casual luxury pieces that originally launched in 2000. Faith Connexion’s rebirth began with a winter 2015 collection, which quickly became a fashion set favorite.

Never Too Much Basic created a denim-heavy resort 2017 collection with Faith Connexion. NTMB sources its denim from flea markets and the like. Says Vogue:

NTMB’s m.o. is to upcycle and embellish salvaged materials, using De Vivo’s handwork—he employs techniques like appliqué, slashing, and lettering—to give the one-off pieces “an identity.” Having launched with denim sourced in local markets, the team is slowly extending its repertoire of materials.

NTMB was founded in 2015 by Matteo PaloniVeronica Massa, and creative head Davide De Vivo, and it’s so new that you can’t even buy it yet. The first pieces will be available when Faith Connexion’s resort 2017 collection hits the market later this year.




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