Netflix’s ‘Glow’ Reminds Us of the Dark Side ’80s Jeans

Alison Brie jeans GlowEighties style might be all the rage at the moment, with everyone going for jeans with high-waists, tapered legs and acid washes. But one thing no one is likely to bring back anytime soon? Jeans tucked into socks.

But Beth Morgan, the costume designer behind the Jenji Kohan’s (Orange Is the New Black, Weeds) new Netflix series Glow, gets it right with Ruth Wilder, played by Alison Brie. Her socks are pretty much always tucked into her socks, as were mine in the ’80s.

I shouldn’t speak so soon though. Next thing you know, the cool kids will be bringing this back—weirder things have happened.

[Photo via Just Jared]


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