Meet the Jean Jacket of the Future

I just spied Google x Levi’s new tech-enabled jean jacket over at Rockyt, where they’re talking about this new collaboration that allows bicycle commuters to stay connected even while pedaling.

Sync the $350 jacket with your phone, and you can change your music, navigate and answer calls by tapping or brushing the sleeve, where interactivity is woven right into the denim.

Meanwhile, it still looks like a traditional jean jacket, with just a few alterations: the back panel is longer to keep you covered even while leaning up a San Francisco hill, and the trim is reflective for nighttime rides.

The Verge and Wired give the jacket favorable reviews, but Rockyt notes that the tag advises not laundering the garment more than 10 times, which could get a little stinky if you’re wearing it for a hilly, sweaty commute—and I know you’re not trying to deactivate your $350 jacket.

Still, if your commute is more leisurely, how cool would it be to not get off your bike to take (or decline) a call or change your music? See it in action in the video below!


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