Madewell Launches Fair Trade, Organic Cotton Denim

Madewell fair trade jeansThis week, Madewell announced a Fair Trade USA-certified denim collection including 16 styles for men and women. We think that deserves a major shout out.

The jeans are made from organic cotton denim, and they were made in a Fair Trade Certified factory named called Saitex, where workers are paid a fair wage in a safe environment, and where they get maternity and sick leave as well as equal pay. The factory recycles 98% of its water, uses renewable energy like solar power and turns manufacturing waste into bricks for affordable housing.

Madewell has also committed to paying into a community development fund, which workers can choose to receive as a cash bonus, or to put towards community enhancement such as a public school. They come to the decision by democratic vote.

Another thing to love about these jeans is that they come in extended sizing from size 23 to 37.

Most of the styles are available for pre-order, with an estimated ship date of February 24.


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