Life After Death Denim Takes Sustainability to Another Level

Denim designer Mary Bruno has a long history of designing jeans, so she was quite aware of the environmental damage resulting form the denim industry. She started her career at Levi’s, and worked her way up at various brands including Earl Jean, Ralph Lauren, and eventually became head of design at J Brand. Quite the denim resume!
With all that experience came a deep knowledge of the making of a pair of jeans. One thing she discovered was that warehouses all over the world were storing leftover fabric and trim (mostly cotton and polyester). It was just sitting there, taking up space. Bruno is now buying it up and recycling the so-called headstock fabric to make Life After Death denim products.

The brand also uses sustainable fibers including hemp and Tencel whenever possible. Buttons and hang tags are made from scrap motor oil tins. Zippers and pocketing are made with recycled elements, and unnecessary paper and plastic packaging is eliminated.

Plus, the designs look pretty great! Check out a few favorites below.


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