Jaden Smith Partners With GStar Raw on Sustainable Denim

Following on the heels of the news that G-Star Raw created the most sustainable jeans ever comes the announcement that pink-haired Jaden Smith will be joining with the brand to promote and possibly help design the fall 2018 collection, although we’re not sure on all the details of the collaboration just yet.

Smith told Fashionista:

These guys are at the forefront of denim manufacturing, in the world, and are creating and designing denim with a circular economy and sustainability in mind,” Smith said via email. “That’s why I’m really proud of the collection we’re working on together.

I have to say watching Jaden Smith run a sewing machine in the video below makes me chuckle a little bit. Like, I know G Star doesn’t expect us to believe that maybe he’s actually making some of these jeans with his own two hands but it kind of looks that way.

In any case, I’m digging what these guys (with Pharrell’s fairly recent involvement) are doing with sustainability!


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