J Brand Promises 100% Sustainability by 2020

J Brand Sustainability

Currently, J Brand says it’s at 50% sustainability, and it will go all the way by 2020. That’s no small feat for a denim brand considering jeans are some of the guiltiest garments when it comes to using resources and polluting the planet.

The brand’s top goal is to deliver the same high-quality garments its customers are accustomed to, while reducing waste and ecological damage.

To get there, look for innovative fabrics and distressing using lasers instead of toxic chemicals like bleach. The brand will use 99% water than its previous techniques, and it will epicycle its fabric scraps so they can be used for insulation.

J Brand is one of the first luxury denim brands that made $100+ jeans (back when that seemed like a lot!) a thing, so it’s encouraging to see that they’re at the forefront of sustainability.

J Brand Sustainability



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