Is the Tech-Infused Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket a Worthy Splurge?

We’ve heard a lot of hype about Levi’s Trucker jacket, which is made of Google’s Jacquard fabric and allows interaction with your smartphone with the swipe or tap of the jacket’s sleeve. But we also heard a lot about Google Glass in association with fashion. So, will it be different this time?

One Business Insider reporter thinks the answer is yes. As part of the publication’s “Insider Picks” series, Amir Ismael writes that it’s “the most intuitive piece of wearable tech I’ve ever tried.”

The $350 jacket has Google’s conductive Jacquard Thread is woven into the sleeve, along with a Jacquard Bluetooth snap tag. “With a tap or brush of the cuff you can control your music, get directions from Google Maps, screen phone calls, and more,” Ismael writes.

Is a high-tech jean jacket worth $350? It just might be, if you bike to work every day and it’s really as useful at BI reports. Have you tried it out? We’d love to hear about your experience!


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