If You Love 70’s-Style Denim You Need to Check Out Native Funk & Flash

img_0311Native Funk & Flash, an Emerging Folk Art was written by Alexandra Jacopetti and published in 1974. The patchwork and embroidery trend back then turned out not to be a trend at all but an enduring classic aesthetic. The book was reissued in the last few years, and if you’re someone who enjoys getting creative with denim (or other fabrics), I highly recommend grabbing a copy before it goes out of print again.


It’s worth the price tag if only for the positive effect it will have on your coffee table aesthetics. If you’re a maker yourself, leafing through Native Funk & Flash will provide endless inspiration. Or if you simply appreciate originality when it comes to denim designs, you will also find plenty to love in this book—and it’s the perfect holiday gift for anyone who falls in any of those categories.


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