Get 15% Off With Shopbop’s Killer App!

Do you like shopping online? I know, such a silly question. So go here now and download the Shopbop app because until December 31, you can get 15% off your first purchase!

Shop all the goodness you’re accustomed to at the Shopbop website, and you can do it in bed at 3am when you’re not supposed to be looking at a screen but can’t help it (just me?).

And, as you know, the denim selection at Shopbop is off the hook. Here are a few of my current obsessions—I’m so happy the hot weather is over so I can bring my jeans back into regular rotation.

  1. Levi’s big, baggy wide-leg jeans, $98
  2. Agolde June sailor jeans, $63
  3. Levi’s 501 crop jeans, $98

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