George Michael’s Faith Video Jeans are Stashed at His Dad’s House

screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-10-52-10-amThis year has been the absolute worst in so many ways, in particularly in the killing of ’80s icons department. George Michael was taken from us entirely too soon on Christmas Day, while many thousands of people were certainly listening to his beloved holiday tune, Last Christmas.

Forgive me, but when I think of George Michael, I think of his derriere in the Faith video. Those jeans! They were perfect. People magazine interviewed the artist back in 2010 when he told the publication that the Levi’s he wore were his own, and the distressing was authentic from having worn them so much.

My dad’s got them stashed away at his house. They were my own jeans. The rips were genuine, because I wore them so much. I used to ask my mum to sew up new rips. In the end, they were so worn out, she refused.


In fact he styled his entire outfit for the video—this was back in the days before he could afford a stylist, and before they were even used regularly. I hope his dear old dad has them properly preserved. We will miss you, George Michael.


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