G-Star Develops the Most Sustainable Denim Ever Made

When Everlane launched jeans last August, everyone was talking about sustainability. The Vietnamese factory the company is using is impressive for its nearly zero-waste and filtering of excess water. But G-Star Raw has one-upped them with the first denim to receive Gold level certification from the Cradle To Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

Forbes says Everlane has come up with not only sustainable washing techniques, but also the cleanest indigo dyes in the business.

It’s a crowning achievement for the Dutch brand and has earned them a coveted Gold level certification from Cradle To Cradle Products Innovation Institute, an independent non-for-profit which sets the standard for sustainability across many industries. Other denim companies have tried for the same rating, but G-Star is the only brand to date that has succeeded.

Over the past decade, G-Star has made it their mission to be environmentally friendly by creating organic and recycled denim lines and using raw nettle as an alternative to cotton, Forbes reports. They makes yarn from plastic waste found in our seas, they’re against animal cruelty and will not use fur or angora. Other animal products including wool must meet their ethical standards. “By 2020, G-Star wants all their fabrics to be sustainable and have zero discharge of hazardous chemicals.”

Loving all of this… now to see how they fit! I’ll let you know in March.


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