Finally, Mermaid Jeans

When I saw this headline, I was dreading some sort of aquatic tail-shape hanging from the jeans, likely because of so many weird jeans on the market of late. The real mermaid jeans are maybe less hokey, but still over-the-top: they are covered in pink, blue and white sequins.

The jeans were designed by Sarah Hyland, whom you might recognize from the TV show Modern Family. She’s also been acting creative director at Candies for three seasons running. Her sparkliest creation to date is certainly the mermaid jeans. Note, though, that they are a party-in-the-front affair.

She told Racked: “I call them ‘mermaid jeans’ because the iridescent sequins kind of look like a mermaid’s tail! They’re a lot of fun and an amazing statement piece. You can just pair them with a plain T-shirt and you’re set.”

If you are like this blogger  and have always dreamed of becoming a mermaid, I’m super happy for you!

I just hope my five-year-old doesn’t catch wind that they’re available only for adults (sizes 1-13). You can buy them for $32 at Kohls.


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