Does Everlane’s Latest Release Lengthen Legs?

They call them the kick-crop, and they say they’ll make your legs look as long as a model’s. And the model’s legs in the above photo do indeed look long, because they are! I’m skeptical that the average female human will have the same experience.

Has anyone out there tried them? It might make sense logically that showing a little ankle will lengthen legs, but in my own experience, I’m not sure that style makes legs look longer (maybe this is due to my particular body type).

Take this example: the jeans are by Madewell, but they are a similar cut and silhouette to the Everlane version, and I’m not sure my legs are looking particularly long.

In this longer, flared style, however, I feel my legs are looking lengthier. The logic here would be that the jeans are black, and that there’s no line cutting off the leg at the ankle.

You can find logic for anything when it comes to jeans (and fashion as a whole). What’s your preference for a long legged look? Crops or not?



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