Can Sensor Leggings Find Your Perfect-Fitting Jeans?

Like-a-Glove leggings are rigged up with sensors that connect to an app and give you a very precise look at your body from the waist down.

The goal is to make the horror of finding a pair of jeans that fit a little easier to navigate. The leggings are wired up with sensors that when you press a button will measure your shape. The leggings then send the data to an app on your phone via bluetooth.

KRON4 in San Francisco tested it out and saw pretty good results. At the very least, it narrows down your options and gives you a place to start. The test subject in this case seemed to find some really good-fitting jeans, and discovered that she didn’t need the extra long sizes she historically purchased. She appreciated the results but didn’t think it was worth the $69 price tag—she said she’d pay half that.

A drawback for me is that the device doesn’t include less mainstream brands in its results, like R13 or Agolde)  in its results. I’m not really that interested in Old Navy or American Eagle jeans (call me a denim snob, it’s pretty much in my job description).

One other  drawback is that the instructions say that the leggings should rise to about two fingers below your bellybutton, which means the they’re not going to give a reading that would be relevant to high-rise jeans that fit at your true waist. They also don’t measure your thighs, which is a big problem area for me when it comes to jeans.

And while the leggings are getting the most attention for finding jeans that fit, they will also track your fitness progress! That is a tempting selling point for me since, as you know, I’m working on trying to fit into my favorite jeans!

Watch the KRON4 video below, and watch more reviews here.

VIDEO: SMART leggings measure your jean size



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