Believe It or Not, Places Exist Where You Still Can’t Wear Jeans

the-palm-court-from-long-galleryMy BFF Robyn recently visited London, and was refused entry to The Ritz because she was wearing jeans (the dress code is explained here). Besides being embarrassed, she was somewhat shocked that places still exist in the world where jeans are considered unacceptable attire.

“I had just met up with an English friend of a friend, and we were denied entry. I was humiliated,” Robyn said. “😞,” she added. “In all fairness I didn’t know we were going to The Ritz.”

It got me thinking, where else can’t you wear jeans? Most weddings, dinner at the White House, the Oscars, a job interview… where else? After a little research, Robyn discovered Jean-Georges in NYC also forbids denim. I used to think church belonged on the list, but last time I went with my parents, plenty of worshippers wore denim.

WhoWhatWear wrote a post back in 2014 listing nine places where you should never wear jeans:

  1. Job interview
  2. An important work presentation
  3. A court date
  4. When hosting a dinner party
  5. Meeting your boyfriend’s family
  6. To a wedding
  7. To a wake
  8. To a rehearsal dinner
  9. To a fancy art event

I agree with all but two of these: I’m pretty sure the last time I served jury duty, pretty much every other juror wore jeans throughout the trial. Perhaps we were all marked as rude by the judge. I’m also pretty sure none of my friends would give a care if I wore jeans to host them for dinner (and vice versa). And apparently they need to at The Ritz and Jean-Georges to their list!

What do you think? Where would you refrain from wearing jeans?

[Photo via The Ritz London]



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  1. Robyn Ross
    September 30, 2016 / 2:26 pm

    Great article!!!

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