Are Low Rise Jeans Really Coming Back?

low rise jeansThis headline at The Cut made me shudder. But of course it’s inevitable that low-rise jeans will once again rear their ugly heads and reveal our love handles.

The Cut predicts the trend will hit its stride in 2020, and that seems not unreasonable since Bella Hadid and others have already been spotted in the style, and it has also come down the runway at Dior, Alexander McQueen and Tommy Hilfiger.

Man Repeller has also predicted the comeback, and Buzzfeed has listed all the ways they were terrible.

It can only mean one thing: we did not learn our lesson from the early aughts low-rise catastrophes. Of course we didn’t.

Further proof? The above pair by Citizens of Humanity is currently available for $228. Brace yourselves, people! Love handles, belly buttons, and other body parts that I can’t bare to mention are about to be much more prominent.


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