A New Denim Museum in Italy Has More Than 15,000 Jeans

Elleti Group denim museum

The Elleti Group has opened the Museum of Denim in Verona, Italy, where more than 15,000 denim garments are preserved and on display.

A smaller collection of about 160 garments features pieces come from the group’s private collection that hail from the mid-nineteenth century through the 1970s. The larger collection, aka the “Stadium” collection, includes 15,000 garments and includes pieces form the 1980’s through present day styles.

Museum of Denim Elleti Group

Expected brands including Levi’s, Lee and Wrangler are featured in the collection, and you’ll also find defunct brands including Stronghold, Big Mac, Boss of the Road and Gold Medal.

“This is the legacy that we, from Elleti Group, want to leave to the fashion industry next generations,” said Luigi Lovato, owner of Elleti Group. “Only by knowing where we came from, it is possible to know which direction to take for a better future.”

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