3×1 Made That Little Pocket in Your Jeans Useful

Not many among us wear a watch on a chain nowadays, rendering that mini pocket on your jeans practically useless. You might use it to store lipstick or a few coins, which will inevitably end up in the washing machine because you forgot they were there.

Finally, after more than 100 years of the same design in nearly every pair of jeans in the world, 3×1 has made that pocket useful (it’s one of several handy updates). The brand’s latest design—a collaboration with Joe Doucet—has a watch pocket that’s the perfect size to carry your credit cards, and the fabric even has a protective coating to block virtual pickpockets.

Another pocket is lined with microfiber that cleans your screen, and a rolled cuff reveals a reflective 3M strip for night-time bikers or walkers.

One thing you’ll find conspicuously missing is the legendary rivet that was once necessary to reinforce coal-mining and other hard-working denim wearers. Nowadays, 3×1’s founder says, industrial stitching is plenty strong enough that rivets are unnecessary.

GQ thinks this is a mistake. The jeans, which cost $395, do look a bit naked without rivets, what do you think?


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